We have our own development department, that not only takes care of existing products, but  also according to our customers. Developers can offer the right  technical solution for your projects. We have long- term experiences with designing of practical contructions.


There are several  employees in our team, who have experience with designing and building of wireless nets and client connections. Their regular training courses, that are focused on designing of steel constructions, statics and other legislation, update their knowledge. Thanks to that  we can recommend  you  the solutions that will meet Czech and foreign standards.


The great advantage of our company is a long-term cooperation with the structural engineer, who analysis the aspect of safety for all new products. This part of process is not available in many companies because  of economical reasons. But we can offer to our customers the best solutions that will minimize risks for their property and for persons. First of all in the period of strong wind, that are more frequent in the Czech Republic, customers appreciate initiatives, documents, universal or specific static reports that will increase the safety of tall masts.

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