Company WFmetal, s.r.o. was established in 2007 and the main aim was to produce metal holders for satellite, TV and WIFI technologies.

The production of our company WF metal s. r. o. is situated in a small town called Svratka in the heart of Czech Moravian Highlands, where we employ the team of experts. Our employees have  long- years of locksmith practice. Thanks to the good location of our storehouse and the experience with logistic we are able to deliver our products all over the Czech Republic and also to Slovakia.

We have  high- quality dealer and wholesale net so you can meet our products in many shops and supermarkets. In 2010 we established our internet shop. This easy way of shopping can help you in the flexibility of deliveries and it is better for communication during realization of atypical products. We also introduced  our new section for custom-made products, where we offer to realize your own projects, what is  recently more and more popular. The new version of our ESHOP is connected with our store and financial accounting. In 2016 we started  the new economic system that can help to trace commodity during production. Thanks to automatically send form we inform our customers about the way of their products and the delivery time.

High- quality level and complete solution

Our main aim is to keep the high-quality level of our products and to extend our assortment according to customers needs. We have increased the products in our storehouse so the customers can be served in a very short time. Nowadays we can offer more than 550 items of goods on the area of 1200 m2

Thanks to a long- term cooperation  with technicians ISP and assemblers of satellites we produce new products and we improve the older ones. We have a  wide assortment and a long- term practice, the possibility of consulting services and our own development department. Our main aim is not only to sell component parts, but to provide complete projects according to your individual situation.  We put the accent on the technical solution, the statics and the simple logistic.


In the period of building GSM, 3G LTE and 4G nets we have become one of the biggest providers of metal for Czech and foreign mobile operators, also thanks to our subcontractors. Nowadays we supply the largest wireless nets in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia. Thanks to our wide assortment and high qualification we have the largest share of these components on the ISP market.

Our high- quality products are practical and their finish design is colsulted with designers and structural engineers but first of all with their customers.


Don´t hesitate to go into a partnership with a strong partner in the period, when the new wireless signal is extended. Our assortment is the right one for wireless nets of the fifth generation.

Try our products and become a satisfied customer!

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