Dear customers and business partners, let us  introduce our company:
Company WF metal, s.r.o. is a small locksmith´s workshop on the Highlands. It started its production in 2005 by fusing of several cooperating traders. Firstly it concentrated on locksmith´s work and on assembling and dismantling of machines in the Czech Republic and also in foreign countries.
In 2007 the company was transformed into limited company and extended its activities  and cooperates with  more other companies. Since 2007 we have met many new customers,  have extended machine equipment and also the service. In 2008 we built a modern operation centre, where we can offer you bigger portfolio  of services. Nowadays we have 8 employees, many customers and annual turnover is, in spite of economical crisis, constantly increasing.
The service in our company:
 - dividing of materials
 - pressing
 - locksmith´s work
To have many satisfied customers we pay attention to the quality of used materials and  processing and  so we reach the best quality of our products. We offer you good prices and flexible delivery with fixed terms, but first of all the quality of products. Try our service and become our satisfied customer.

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